Price from € 600.00

Package overview

  • 5 nights at a B&B in the city centre (incl. breakfast)
  • 1 x Walk through the Vergini and 'Paste e Caffe` (Neapolitan high tea) with the artist Lelia (2 hrs)
  • 1 x Guided tour through the old town (2hrs)
  • 1 x Complementary drink at Aperitivo (drinks and snacks)
  • 1 X Pizza at Sorbillo

An ode to the city

Neapolitans are very proud and passionate when it comes to their heritage. Discover the many aspects of this vibrant city by experiencing daily local routines like playing the lotto, having ‘paste e caffe’ and strolling through the beautiful old town.

B&B in the heart of the city

You will feel right in home at Stefano’s small, but comfortable B&B. Every room is decorated in its own style, personalized with beautiful pictures and paintings of Naples made by Stefano himself. Breakfast is served in the cozy common area. Here you can interact with other guests or take a rest after one of your trips. Situated in the heart of the city, shops and restaurants are all within walking distance.

Some like it sweet

Neapolitans definitely have a sweet tooth. Whether it’s a special holiday, a Sunday family brunch or just a regular weekday breakfast, you can be sure that pastries and sweets are involved. You can try them yourself during ‘Paste e Caffe’, best described as a Naepolitan high tea. From Piazza Cavour, through the crowded market streets of the Vergini area, Lelia will lead you to her charming roof terrace. There she will explain to you all about the Neapolitan pastry traditions and most importantly let you taste them all together with a real Neapolitan espresso.

Guided city tour through the old town

Ludovica shares her passion for the city she grew up in on a city tour through the old town. She will show you many of the city’s hidden treasures. An absolute highlight is the Capella Sansevero, a chapel dated from the 16th Century with works of famous Italians artists. Not only will you learn about the history of the town, but you will also get a peek of daily Neapolitan activities like drinking coffee at a local coffee bar and playing the lotto.

The best pizza in town

The pizza at Sorbillo’s tastes so good that locals are willing to stand in line for it every night. Waiting for a spot at Naples best pizza place is an experience in itself. Just relax, and have a drink and some complimentary snacks at the bar outside, until they shout your name. Once inside Italian chaos and delicious pizzas awaits you.


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